Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twilight the Movie

It's about time I got around to this right? I know this is supposed to be reviewing books, but this is a book-turned-movie! 

First of all,  I have to say, my expectations were completely surpassed! Surprisingly, the Twilight movie went pretty well with the book. Now understand that I am a "Twi-hard" or "Twilighter" or "Fanpire" (whichever you prefer) and have been preparing for this movie for MONTHS! Those people who got hooked only so they could see the movie haven't been turning this over in their minds like many of us have. Robert Pattinson-is he right for Edward? Will Kristen Stewart bring just the right amount of klutzy-ness to Bella? It pretty much depends on your view. 

Personally, I loved Rob as Edward. Like Kristen said, he brought hard-core pain, which is what Edward really needed. Kristen had that 'naive lamb' thing going for her, exactly like Bella. The whole, not-as-much-make-out-scenes-as-the-book thing, really didn't bother me. I know, it's supposed to be romantic, but they portray it as something more than just physical.

The actors were well chosen. Angela could have been a bit shyer and Alice a bit...spunkier? I don't know exactly. I wish Jasper would have spoken more, because I really liked Jackson Rathbone, same with Kellan Lutz. The Lullaby was AMAZING! I constantly look it up on YouTube because I haven't gotten the CD yet. Personally, I like it without the orchestra (just piano)

You'll all just have to see the movie for yourself to get the right affect. The second time I went to see it, I could mouth the words almost the entire time. Oh, and don't forget to laugh! Charlie's was a great choice...just saying...


4 kids and 2 cats said...

I loved the movie Too! but you know that, i want to go see a second time, but we haven't got around to it yet.

Queen_Ashley449 said...

The movie was BAD.The books are way better.the movie didn't even remotely resemble the book.