Saturday, August 16, 2008

Winter Rose

I just finished Winter Rose, by Patricia McKillip and it's very good! I saw it was by the same publishing company who did the Twiligh series, and thought it looked...interesting.

Rois, (I really like that name, oddly) is a grown woman (about 20, I'm guessing) who is not suited for marriage. She wanders in the wood, picking flowers and plants to use and to give to the apothocary. Rois's sister, Laurel is about to marry next spring, and is the caretaker of the family. It takes place in...the 1800's?, I think. At least, it seems like it.

Everyone in town has heard the rumors of how Nial Lynn used his last breath to curse his son, who was murduring him. What was that curse? Who knows? Everyone has their own ideas, especially the older people who knew Nial and his son.

Now, Corbet Lynn, (again, an interesting name that i kind of like) the grandson of Nial has returned to claim the house that was his family's. The rumors are stirred up once again.

Now, back to Rois. she has developed a sort of fascination with Corbet. Some may call it an "obsession," but I, personally wouldn't blame her. She "thought" she saw him form...?...or come...?...out of the sunlight in the forest. That's weird...

The tale spins onto reveal the relationship between Corbet, Rois, Laurel. Also, the truth about Rois and Laurel's mother, how she died and who she was watching for.

Patricia McKillip's way of writing is so poetic. I really noticed how she said about what Rois smelled, saw, felt, and all that. She really described every sense, which makes it more fun to picture in your head. My favorite aspect of the story, is the fact that Rois is wild and loves the outdoors, and that is what makes her different, it's what makes her realize the truth about Corbet Lynn. (Honestly, the man seems extremely sweet and relatively gorgeous...they need a movie!)

The title of Winter Rose is very appropriate. Think about it: a girl who loves the forest, and plants, stuck in the cold confines of her house in the winter...what is she going to do? Roses don't bloom in the I making any sense?

Overall, I recommend this book. It's a real page-turner! :)


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Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I am a hugantic fan of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. Breaking Dawn having come out just Friday, I just had to tell my thoughts.
I was a bit disappointed. It was absolutely not what I thought would happen.
The Wedding:
Starting out, the book seemed just like the previous three. The wedding, small, but glamorous, seemed nice. Even Jake came! Everything was perfect.
The Honeymoon:
Alright, I know they're all rich, but who buys an ISLAND for a gift? A little strange, don't you think? But romantic, nonetheless. were not graphic, thankfully. It was odd, that Edward destroyed the pillows...? But right then, it was getting a little strange. All that eating and sleeping all the time? definitely foreshadowed the upcoming pregnancy.
The baby was a twist. Honestly, where did it...come from? (On Edward's side) And then there's the name. Renesmee. I sort of like it. It's original and, it would seem, appropriate. The Nessie nickname really isn't that bad! (It's a heck of a lot easier than Renesmee!) Her power? Well, that was quite interesting. Why does she grow so fast though? It would be cool to study the chromosomes and genetics and stuff.
Jacob's Imprint:
This, again, was a surprise. The second book was a new thing for the saga. As I have discussed with other people, it was confusing when your used to Bella's point of view on things, and suddenly it's all Jake. I had thought that with all of the talk with Leah Clearwater with "falling in love like normal people" that the new pair would be Jacob and Leah. I really feel bad for the only female shape-shifter. Who wants to be tortured with the thoughts of your ex about his new fiance? Cut the girl a little slack. I wished she could have imprinted on a sweet guy. Really!
Charlie...found out?:
This part seemed inevitable. Charlie would have to find out eventually, or he'd be heart-broken with his only daughter dying so young! Jacob's introduction to him, however, was very stupid, simply put. There's only so much a human can handle all at once.
The change:
We all saw it coming. Everyone knew it was coming. Stephenie's description was AMAZING! I felt the pain, myself. The elaboration was so graphic. The power that Bella realizes she has gained seems very appropriate. The fact that she can now let people in, is really amazing.
The Visitors:
I thought it was VERY cool to meet the vamps from the other parts of the world, and read their powers. Very interesting. The fact that Nessie was so likeable helped. However, everything seemed so...perfect. Alice's planning and such...worked out all too well. There really didn't seem to be much conflict.
The "Fight":
Why wasn't there a fight? Ask Steph. The Volturi alone, was getting on my nerves. Someone kill them off already!! The vampires from around the world seemed responsible enough...couldn't they control the newborns themselves? I don't know about this part. It all worked out too happily. It was not the same as others.
Overall, I liked it, but Stephenie has written better. What's your opinion?

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