Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Eragon by Christopher Paolini, is a pretty good book for being written when the guy was 15! He's like 20 something now. Anyway, after being begged by numerous friends to read it, I did. It took a while to find time, but I finished!

Eragon starts out as just a farm boy who goes hunting. He lives with just his uncle and cousin, because his mom couldn't stay and care for him. Nothing is known of his dad. Eragon has no luck getting meat but then there is a CRACK! and a blue stone appears where the lightning or explosion seemed to have happened. Perhaps he could trade it for some meat? Again, no luck. The Butcher is a stupid, mean guy. Later, the stone hatches. Well, I guess it's an egg... A dragon emerges! 

There's a lot of filler here. The dragon is named Saphira, thanks to Brom, the storyteller. There's the Ra'zac, who kill Eragon's uncle. Brom discovers that Eragon has a dragon and decides to teach him how to care for her. They travel together to find the Ra'zac to avenge Eragon's uncle's death.

The adventure continues in their practically cross-country and beyond adventure. Urgals, which are creatures you better hope you never come across, attack them. There is a Shade, who is about as scary as he sounds, and a beautiful Elf, Arya, who helps Eragon. Saphira is a wise creature who communicates with Eragon through their minds. She cares for Eragon like a sister or a mother. 

It turns out that Eragon has to take sides as a Dragon Rider. Either the Varden or the Empire. There is a long story behind the rivalry. The Emperor is evil, but the Varden are radical. It's sad, funny, and intense all at the same time.  I'm just anticipating this "Epic Romance" mentioned... I love my romance! Perhaps it will be in Eldest. Much more happens, you'll just have to read to find out!

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