Wednesday, April 29, 2009

High Stakes

High Stakes is by an author from my home state! Erin McCarthy was at a book fair my dad took me too, and I'm like "Hey! Vampires!" and bought the book with an autograph and everything. Anyway, this books is not for the faint of heart. It's quite inappropriate in language, and also content.

Alexis lives in Las Vegas. Her sister, Brittany, is a Dentist and was asked by a very hot casino/hotel owner to clean the teeth of every employee in his hotel. What no one knows, is that a majority of them... are VAMPIRES!! (you knew it would come up eventually) Ethan, the hot business man owning the hotel is President of the entire Vamp Nation. His original plan was to seduce Brittany into being his girlfriend/wife, until he met Alexis.

There's something to be explained though... Brittany is an Impure. (think Renesmee) She is half-vampire, half-human. Alexis and Brittany are half sisters, by their mom. The purpose Ethan had of getting Brittany was getting the vote of the growing population of Impures in the vampire nation.

Alexis is extremely independent, so she's not about to let this egotistic entrepreneur take control. However, Ethan is hard to resist. The romance and drama of being a vampire president's leading lady is intense. The book captures your attention immediately.

There's a lot of content, so I suggest not doing as the characters. It's still a good read! The character and plot development is strong. The overall story is slightly cliched, but worth reading!