Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

This post is not about books.

It has been over a year and a half since I have posted on this blog. I don't think anyone really missed it, but I'm going to ramble anyway.
I am a junior in high school now. I was a freshman when I last posted on here.
This summer, my best friend, Tosha, moved to Kentucky. My other best friend, Mack, moved with her. They're both going to the same college, and I am jealous.
This has probably been the most emotionally unstable two months of my life.

My one friend's older brother died in early September. The best friend, Mack, who moved to Kentucky, that is. Considering she's like my sister, and I was at her family's house a lot in the past year, I was pretty upset. Considering I have an irrational crush on her brother, I hated having to see him at calling hours... but I got at least I got a hug from him... and his girlfriend, and at least I got to see my friends, even if it was a sad occasion.

Now, as a Junior, I've seen a lot. I miss my friends. I only have about three true friends who live in Ohio. By "true," I mean someone who won't talk about me behind my back, who likes my company any time--not just at her convenience, who cares, and who won't take complete advantage of me.

In other news, last night was homecoming. I hate grinding. I don't care if you like it, but I don't see how it doesn't bother at least the girls. It's degrading, for one. It's giving the guy a "free ride" in the words of my AP Gov teacher. It just overall looks gross. I guarantee you can have just as much fun by not rubbing your butt against someone else's genitals. What's the worst is when the girl is bending over in front of the guy, and the teachers are doing nothing. They threaten them, but don't do anything. Sure, they left the lights on in the back half of the gym this year, and everyone complained, but it didn't stop the grinding. So, leave the lights off if you're not going to bother to enforce your threats. I'm just saying.
Speaking of which, check out my new blog, "I'm just saying."

I'll continue to post about books on here once I read some good ones, but this is more likely to only be active in the summer.