Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tuck Everlasting

Yeah, I finally read it. It's so SHORT! I didn't realize that. Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt is extremely good. If you haven't already read it, then go and do that. It really didn't take long.

Winnie Foster is out on a walk, and she sees this guy just sitting by a tree. Jesse Tuck is his name. Now, Winnie is only about 10 or 12, and this guy is about 17. Winnie tries to drink water from this spring, like she saw Jesse do, but when he refuses to let her, she must learn the story as to why. However, this means he must confide in his mother, Mae. Then, thanks to this little secret, Winnie is taken to the Tuck's house. In the night each Tuck takes turns asking her if she's okay, and generally caring for her. When Jesse comes to talk to her, he asks her if maybe when she gets older, (say, 17?) she could go and drink from the spring and they could be together forever. Winnie will think about it. But what price is there to pay for living on earth forever?

Meanwhile, this weird dude in a yellow suit, pretty much heard the entire conversation, and tells the Foster's where to find there daughter, as long as he can have the area where the spring is on their property. The Fosters accept and Winnie is found by the man in the yellow suit at the Tucks. They can't let anyone know about the spring though, so Mae, in an attempt to protect her family injures (and ends up killing) the man in the yellow suit right as the sherriff is coming.

So Mae is now in jail. Aw, sad. How will she escape? Will Winnie ever join the tucks in roaming the earth forever? Read to find out, comment to discuss!

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4 kids and 2 cats said...

I had to read this book in 6th grade, it was really good.