Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl

Haha, I just love that title. This book, by Barry Lyga is a funny tale of a nerdy comic book geek and his run-in with the school's gothic depressed girl. This is from Fanboy's point of view, and it only mentions his real name, like, once. I think it's Donnie, but for the purpose of being efficient, I shall refer to him as Fanboy.

So Fanboy is a freshman comic book geek, who's mother is pregnant and his step-father is refered by him as the steph-fascist. Lovely, huh? He has one friend, who is only his friend when the jock jerks aren't around. For this guy is an in-the-closet comic book fan. Everyone knows you can't be a jock and still like comics. Well, he's still his friend, just he doesn't openly admit it.

Kyra, the goth girl, is very strong-willed. Depressed though she is, she has NO PROBLEM speaking her mind or showing what's true. She is the only one who sees Fanboy when some dumb kid comes up to him during gym class and starts punching him on the shoulder. That's just stupid! Someone needs to tell these teachers to pay a little attention!

This whole deal is what really starts up their interest in each other. She's into comic books, but not the superhero ones. Fanboy likes the superheroes, but also others. He has been working on this major comic book for a while, and Kyra is the ONLY person who really has seen it, and knows what it's about it. His best friend (the jock) doesn't even know. The plan is simple, he thinks. His all-time comic book idol (the author...of something) is coming to a comic convention somewhere near his town. All he has to do is get him to look at his work and read a little of this huge comic project, and they'll become good friends and he'll be a famous comic book author.

Would someone get this boy back to reality? Haha...I wish I could get that famous that easily.

Anyway, they get into a fight, before the convention, about the fact that guys always fall for girls with bigger bosoms. His main character is really based (subconsiously) on the girl he's had a crush on. Let me tell, you Kyra's opinion was made quite clear. Let's just say, if they make a movie, and show ALL the parts, it shall have to remain unrated, or censored. It's funny, but she really is more assertive once people give her the chance.

Later, Kyra still hates Fanboy. She is in such a depressed mental state that she is irrational. The thought of suicide comes to Fanboy's mind, and his off like a shot to save her. (No pun intended. Haha.) Kyra is fine, but she tells Fanboy to stay out of her life. He realizes that this is no longer an option, she is in his life, whether they like it or not.

I really enjoyed this book. It made me crack up laughing! Very relatable issues if your a freshman, a nerd, or just weird. Basically, people should read this just because it's there. It even has a few lessons on life.

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4 kids and 2 cats said...

Sarah, this sounds like a book i just read that was called "sleeping freshmen never lie" it was really funny.